This award goes to those girls who have significantly raised their academic average over the course of the year. They may not have the highest grades, but they have progressed steadily in their study habits.



This award goes to those girls who have made a commendable effort to do well in their Catholic formation classes each quarter and have obtained a high overall average for Catholic formation class.



This medal is given to the students who have shown outstanding effort to be coherent with what they have learned throughout the year. Conduct implies living virtues such as obedience, respect, sincerity, hard work, fidelity and responsibility. This award goes to those girls from the each Section who have achieved the highest overall conduct average from among their peers.



This award goes to several girls who have achieved a high overall average in their English classes which include: grammar and writing, literature, and language skills.



During the 3rd and 4th quarters we organized a challenging English campaign for the students. We are proud of the numerous students who actively participated in it and increased their English proficiency. We will award a trophy to those students who received the greatest number of points for their English conversation from January to June.



Each Overbrook student strives to form herself into a well-rounded young woman. An important part of our integral formation is found in the afternoon clinics program. The students have the opportunity to grown in perseverance, spirit of fight and teamwork.



The next award is for apostolic service. On Sundays during the school year the girls go out to several different parishes, nursing homes, the family shelter to organize activities and serve the people, giving back to the local community some of what they have received. They carried out their apostolic projects with dedication, enthusiasm, and kindness. The apostolic award is given to those girls who most stood out throughout the semester or year for their effort in apostolic projects.



The girls had the opportunity to nominate someone from their own sections who has most exemplified a spirit of service, another one for charity, and the third one for leadership. These awards highlight the importance of acquiring virtue in order to make a positive difference in the world around us.



The TOEFL Junior test is administered twice during the school year. The scores can range from 600 to 900 points. The students who scored a perfect score of 900 receive this award in special recognition. Also, an award is given to the 2 students who showed the greatest improvement in their TOEFL scores between October and April.



This award is for the students who have worked all year long to reach academic excellence and they have achieved it.



The Integra Mulier award is given to a student who has learned to appreciate the integral formation she has received throughout the year. She has worked diligently in her human formation to form good habits and leadership skills to positively influence her peers. She has acquired a positive attitude and maintains this demeanor when facing challenges. She is happy to serve others in class, in the Section, on school trips and during Apostolic projects. She values her spiritual and intellectual formation by taking seriously the formation of her heart and mind. She is a respectful, intelligent girl who knows how to treat those around her with kindness.

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