Your daughter needs to bring with her the following in order to complete her School Uniform:

1 - Pair of tennis shoes for the clinic uniform

2 - Pairs of black shoes (low-heeled polish able loafer shoe) to be worn with the uniform (no ballet style shoe)

10- Pairs of navy blue high knee socks to be worn with the uniform (not knitted)

10-Pairs of white socks for daily sports

Clothes your daughter should bring for the school year:

3 Casual spring outfits (blouse, pants, light jacket)

1 Spring/Summer dress or skirt

2 Spring outfits (shorts and casual T-shirts)

3 Casual winter outfits (blouse, sweater, pants or jeans)

1 Winter skirt and blouse or dress

1 Swimming suit (one-piece blue or black)

4 Pairs of pajamas (2 winter, 2 spring)

1 Robe (mandatory)

1 Pair of tennis shoes

1 Pair of casual shoes

1 Pair of slippers

1 Pair of Flip Flops

4 Pairs of socks to be worn with ordinary clothes

10 Sets of underwear

3 Sets of thermal underwear

1 Winter jacket, a pair of gloves, and scarf

1 Pair of warm winter boots that can be worn in the snow

1 Complete set of toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, etc.) Items can be purchased at the Academy


Clothes the student will receive at Overbrook Academy

2 Skirts

4 3/4 sleeved white blouses

2 Sweater vests

1 Sweater – long sleeved

1 Tie

1 Blazer

1 Overbrook Winter jacket

2 Sweat suits

1 Pair of shorts for sports

4 Polo shirts for sports

2 Laundry nets

2 Towels 

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