Oak International endeavors to ensure that applicants have all necessary information regarding registration conditions and procedures.

Compliance with admission requirements in a timely fashion will help secure a place at one of the academies. Those who submit their application after the deadline cannot be assured admittance. In the case of two simultaneous admission requests, preference will be given based on academic grades.


1. Registration steps

Internet Registration: The most relevant information about the applicant and her family are requested by Oak International’s representative, and are filled in the forms that are published for registration of applicants.

Application: This includes all the documents required to complete the student’s file. The medical, psychological and academic profiles of the applicant are very important for an adequate evaluation. The “Clinic” section helps us in the hiring of properly trained staff and in the formation of groups. The parents’ consent form, the principal’s recommendation and other forms serve to complete the applicant’s profile.

Sending the application: The applications are sent each month to the Academies by the Oak International representatives, or they may be sent directly by the parents to the Academy. It is important to stress that applications must be complete, with all documents, signatures and requested information. Parents are ultimately responsible for the information sent. Those who send the applications directly must authorize the Psychologist to send the reports by electronic mail to the Academy. The files will be secured so that they can only be opened with a password by authorized Oak staff.

Official admission resolution: The Admission Committee assures parents that all accepted students will have a similar profile, thereby creating an ideal formative environment.  For this reason, admission is limited to a select group of students. Individual admission decisions are sent to the applicants by e-mail; parents are encouraged to check their e-mail account regularly.

Payment of Guarantee Deposit: The guarantee deposit must be paid in advance to reserve the student’s place. The payment is exclusively for admitted students. The amount of this deposit is discounted from the first tuition payment according to the selected plan. The deposit guarantees the student a place in the Academy, and this payment is not refundable under any circumstances.

2. Waiting List

The applications that arrive after the deadline are subject to a waiting period and will compete for available space in each level, depending on student cancellations or rejected cases.

3. Returns and reimbursements

Under no circumstances will the guarantee deposit be reimbursed, since it covers a series of expenses including paperwork, courier service, information and communication expenses, and promoters’ stipends.

4. Deadlines for application submission and the Academy’s reply

a) Applicants will be given twenty (20) working days to complete and submit their application to the Oak promoter or representative.  The representative will forward the application at the end of the month.  Alternatively, parents may send the application directly. to the Academy.  However, be aware that the Admission Council will not review any incomplete application.

b) Once the application is received, the official resolution by the Academy will be given according to the following table:

c) Table of reception of applications and resolution of admission:

Block Date received at the academy Admission Board response Remarks
1 Oct.1 – Oct.15 October 30  
2 Oct. 16 – Oct. 30 November 15 Spring Course Deadline
3 Nov. 1 – Nov. 15 November 30  
4 Nov. 16 - Nov. 30. December 15  
5 Dec. 1 – Dec. 15 January 5  
6 Dec. 16 – Dec. 30   Recess Period Summer
7 Jan. 1 – Jan. 16. January 30  
8 Jan 16 – Jan. 30 February 15  
9 Feb. 1 – Feb. 15. February 28  
10 Feb. 16 – Feb. 28 March 15  
11 Mar. 1 – Mar. 15 March 30  
12 Mar. 16- Mar. 30 April 15  
13 Apr. 1 – End of Easter   Recess Period Summer
14 Easter- May 15 May 30  
15 May 16 – May 30 June 15  
16 June 1 – June 15 June 30 Summer Course Deadline
17 June 15 – June 30 July 15  
18 July 1 – July 15 July 30  
19 July 16 – July 30 August 15 Course Deadline Annual/Autumn
20 Aug. 1 – Aug. 15 August 30  



a) Each academy’s Admission Council selects students according to the arrival date of the complete application.  There are no guaranteed or reserved places.  Placement is subject to availability in each level.  If a level is full, it is possible that a waiting list will be set up by the Admission Council.
b) For this reason, parents are requested to send their applications promptly, through the representatives or directly.
c) The Academies’ principals have periods of absence while in promotional trips, and therefore, the table above may be modified according to the dates in which the principals are available in their Academies.


5. Confirmations

The Academies will inform the applicant’s parents directly about the acceptance or rejection of the student.  Therefore, please ensure that all contact information on the application is correct, especially e-mail address.

6. 9th Grade Applicants (Third Year of Secondary School):

Experience has shown that ninth grade tends to entail issues with adjustment.  For this reason, applicants must pass through several filters in order to ensure a smooth transition and successful stay at the Academy.  Selection is very meticulous.  Applicants must interview with a Legionary or an International Educator.  Their comments must be included with the application.

7. Student Visas

After the acceptance letter, the family will receive, directly from the Academy or through an Oak promoter or representative, the form required to apply for a student visa for the country of your choice. This requirement is mandatory for the student’s admission. The student’s parents must initiate the process of obtaining the visa.

The Oak promoter or representative may advise you about this process.

8. Promotions and discounts

Oak offers several promotions and discounts on tuition and housing.  These serve as a motivation or incentive for application.  Certain restrictions of time apply and the discounts are conditional to definitive admission.  Before admission and discounts are determined, all bank deposits or transfers are unacceptable.

As a general rule, Oak promoters or representatives are not allowed to get involved in any bank arrangement or deposit related to the promotion. They are also forbidden to receive cash as an advance or partial payment of any course.

In the case that a parent wants to make any transfer to the Oak International accounts, please contact us at the contact menu.

9. Spring Courses

The very nature of the Spring Courses is a result, as a rule, of available space. Oak welcomes, once again, those interested in participating in this traditional school course. There are certainly some restrictions about grade point average that apply (Admission Criteria). For these courses, the registration process starts on September 15.

10. The application does not imply the admission of the candidates:

In fact, any application may be accepted or rejected by the Academy. We urge you to take this into account so that the students are not left without the corresponding registration in their current school.

Also, parents should avoid clothing and equipment expenses, and airline tickets confirmation, until the official Academy acceptance is received.

11. Studies certificate revalidation

The studies revalidation process is conditioned to the final passing grade of all the subjects taken in any Academy in the elementary, junior high or high school. However, it is good to know that the Academies offer two opportunities to accredit failed subjects: ordinary and extraordinary exams. Parents and students are notified of these matters, so that they take the necessary precautions to avoid these difficulties.

If this situation arises nevertheless, the Academies will orient and advise the student, but will not offer any alternatives or solutions for the accreditation of failed subjects. Those involved will have to go through the accreditation process in their selected institutions.
Once the school course is finished and accredited, the parents or guardians will receive the student’s certificate through our representatives.

We urge the families to research the revalidation possibilities of these courses ahead of time, according to the regulations of each country’s Ministry of Education.

Such revalidation must be arranged in advance. It will depend on the disposition of the education ministries and the internal regulations of each institution.

Oak International offers you a curricular map of each Academy for you to start the revalidation process. Once the course is completed and accredited, the certificate will be sent to the student’s parents through our representatives.

12. General studies regulation

Remember that the courses offered by each Academy are determined by the official study program of each country. Therefore, when students return to their home countries, we recommend taking brief updating courses to bring the student up to date with the curricula of each institution.

13. Personal formation dialogue

Another aspect of the student´s formation is Personal Formation Dialogue. This activity has the objective of helping each student interiorize the principles of the Christian way of life that he or she has received both at home and at the Academy.
The Personal Formation Dialogue is a personal conversation that is held between the trained adult teacher and the student in an open or visible place. The teacher helps the student develop his or her own character and offers guidance of how to form good habits for personal growth. I hereby authorize such dialogues to take place.

14. School Photographs/Video

I/We hereby consent to the use of school photographs and/or videos, which may include my /our child or his/her image and likeness in school publications, newsletters, web pages on the Internet, calendars, occasional news releases, or other promotional uses of THE ACADEMY. I/We understand and agree that THE ACADEMY does not need to notify me/us or solicit my/our approval or compensate me/us in any way prior to using any such photographs or videos. I further understand that this consent shall have no limitation in time and shall survive termination of this agreement or my child´s attendance at THE ACADEMY. 

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