In all cases the Board of Directors have the final decision upon a candidate’s acceptance and her temporary or definitive rejection.

  Offered Courses



 Required age

Annual Course
Autumn Course
Spring Course
Summer Course (4 weeks/July)
6th - 11th
6th - 11th
6th - 11th

11 years, 15 years 11months, 31 days
11 years, 15 years 11months, 31 days
11 years, 15 years 11months, 31 days
8-14 years, 11months, 31 days

a) Age-limit reference is September 1st of current year for Annual, Autumn and Spring Courses; July 1st for Summer Courses, and January 1st for Winter Courses.
b) Spring Courses are subject to space.



The application process at Overbrook Academy consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1. Application
Stage 2. Offer
Stage 3. Supporting documentation
Download the Leaflet 2017-2018 here for more details on each stage.


Once you have read the Leaflet you can start a new application. Here are the steps:

1. Create a Parent/Guardian account here. (If you already have an account go to step #3).

2. Activate your account.

3. Sign in here.

4. Create a new Student Application.

5. Complete Stage 1.

6. Wait for an Offer. (Stage 2)

7. Complete Stage 3.

8. Wait for Acceptance.

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