Overbook Academy Graduates

The student who graduates from Overbrook Academy knows that personal formation has only just begun. The Overbrook Academy graduate is well equipped for high school and then college and is an authentic Christian leader. The graduate has reached a greater proficency in the English language which includes reading, writing and speaking English with the greatest possible fluceny.

  • Intellectually, the graduate possesses a rich store of knowledge in the western tradition, a love for the truth, and a set of skills and habits necessary to tackle higher learning. 

  • Humanly, the graduate possesses a character that is well grounded in human virtue. 

  • Personally, the graduate demonstrates the ability to master one’s actions and choices. 

  • Spiritually, the graduate is continually maturing in the life of grace, as an authentic Christian who possesses a deep friendship with Christ. 

  • Apostolically, the graduate exhibits a disposition of service towards others

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