Oil Painting 
Musical Theatre 
Creative Arts
Digital Photography 


Ballet - This classic form of dance develops grace, posture, discipline and composure. It fosters self-control and elegance. Students will participate in presentations throughout the year.

Modern Dance - This clinic focuses on coordination, rhythm and flexibility. The students are introduced to modern dance giving them a well-rounded dance experience. 

Oil Painting - Each student builds the skills to explore various media: pastel, watercolor, batik and studies the basic techniques in oil painting.

Piano/Violin – The students will be instructed depending on her skill; from a student who is just a beginner to a student who has been playing for years.   

Musical Theatre - This program offers instruction in voice, acting, dance and scenery.  

Etiquette - This program is designed to instill in each student the basic skills of social form such as personal presentation, manners, social and media etiquette.  They will learn to set a formal table as well as table etiquette.  Students participating in this clinic will also learn basic knitting and sewing skills.   

Digital Photography – Each student will learn to use her camera to help her utilize it when taking pictures.  They use Photoshop program and many other techniques of capturing just the right photo.  This clinic offers exposure to the art of photography both as a hobby and as a profession.  

French – Among the wide variety of clinics, French class will be offered to all students from beginners to advanced speakers.

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