Clinics are offered to students to teach them sportsmanship and teamwork. Students can learn a new skill or continue to grow in one they already love. Most sports clnics are offered once or twice a week.

Sports offered at Overbrook Academy are:



Crossfit – Students will participate in workouts that incorporate elements from high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, ply metrics, power lifting, gymnastics and calisthenics.   

Fitness – This is a high intense, active clinic that includes obstacle course training, TRX workouts, zumba, kickboxing and cardiovascular conditioning.

Figure Skating – This clinic is offered to students of all levels.  It combines skating skills as well as poise, movement and artistic techniques.  It is taught by a certified US Figure Skate coach and former figure skater dance performer.

Horseback Riding – This clinic will teach the students the basic care of horses, learning to mount, dismount, walk, canter, etc.  For the more advanced students, the instructor will evaluate and challenge the rider to her appropriate level of riding.  

Soccer - This clinic is offered to form the students in the basic skills and techniques of ball handing coordination, footwork and agility. This clinic is a tool to teach and instill in the students the practice of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Swimming – Students are taught by certified instructors providing students with a complete program emphasizing on different, techniques, and life-saving skills. 

Tennis – Students will be placed depending on her level – from beginners to advanced, they will learn to develop their skill. 

Zumba – The students will have fun channeling their energy through this exciting dance/exercise class.

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