Camp Overbrook, organized by Overbrook Academy, has been designed to give girls ages 8-14 the opportunity to increase foreign language skills, develop their talents in a chosen discipline, as well as expand their horizons. 

Through the international diversity of our camp, each girl learns the customs and culture of others through developing and lasting friendships with girls of diverse nationalities.

In the morning the girls take interactive language classes to build up their English proficiency. The classes are made up of a series of dynamic language arts activities including English writing, word games, and vocabulary building games, writing exercises, role playing and more. After language class the campers head out for their camp activities.

The campers will have the opportunity to participate in all of the great activies offered, such as surfing, rock climbing, arts & crafts, musical theater, kayaking, archery, canoeing, to name a few. Throughout the four weeks the campers win awards and special recognition for their effort in the activities and good behavior. This motivates them to live camp to the fullest and appreciate the positive and formative atmosphere that the counselors and staff create.


Come experience all that Rhode Island has to offer!  Surfing, horseback riding, arts & crafts, canoeing, high ropes, musical theater,kayaking and much, much more!

Summer Camp Video

Campers Schedule

  Sunday Schedule   Monday & Friday Schedule
8:00 Wake up 7:30 Wake up
8:45 Breakfast 8:00 Morning Prayers
9:10 Room cleaning  8:15 Breakfast/room cleaning
9:35 Morning prayers 9:00 English Class
9:45 Mass    
10:30 Get ready for activities/candy shop 11:15 Get ready for activities
  11:30 Board Bus
11:00 Sunday Activities      
2:00 Lunch   Lunch at camp
2:30 Sunday Activities continue 4:00 Finish activity, board bus to Camp Overbrook
    5:00 Arrival
5:00 Showers/free time 5:30 Showers/free time
6:00 Phone calls sections 1 and 2 Mondays  
  Night reflection section 3 6:30 Mass for all sections
6:30 Phone calls section 3 Fridays  
  Night reflection sections 1 and 2 6:30 Sections 2 and 3: Mass
7:00 Dinner   Section 1: Internet Time
7:30 Change into PJ's 7:00 Dinner
7:45 Movie Night 7:30 Night Reflection
9:45 Get ready for bed  8:00 Night Activity
10:00 Lights Out 9:15 Get ready for bed
    10:00 Lights Out
  Tuesday & Thursday     
7:30 Wake up  
8:00 Morning Prayers  
8:15 Breakfast/room cleaning  
9:00 English Class  
11:15 Prepare for camp activities  
11:30 Activity 1  
12:15 Snack/Camp Shop  
12:45 Activity 1 resumes  
2:00 Lunch  
2:30 Activity 2  
4:00 Break     
4:15 Activity 2 continues    
5:30 Sections 1 and 2 showers/free time 5:30 Showers/free time
  Section 3: internet time, then showers and free time 6:30 Section 1: Mass
6:30 Sections 1 and 2: internet time   Sections 2 and 3: Internet time
  (Section 3 continues showers)    
7:00 Dinner 7:00 Dinner
7:30 Night Reflection 7:30 Night Reflection
8:00 Night Activity 8:00 Night Activity
9:15 Prepare for bed 9:15 Prepare for bed
10:00 Lights Out 10:00 Lights Out

Summer Camp Fun Memories Campers Summer 2016

Download summer fun memories from 2016!


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