We also recommend that your daughter brings the following clothes for the summer camp:

1 - Long skirt or dress (not miniskirts)

2 - Blouses

2 - Pants

4 - Shorts

5 - T-shirts

1 - Jacket

1 - Sweater

3 - Swimsuits (one piece)

2 - Pajamas

1 - Robe

1 - Pair of slippers

1 - Pair of flip flops

1 - Pair of shoes

2 - Pairs of tennis shoes

1 - Pair of water shoes

6 - Sets of underwear

6 - Pairs of socks

2 - Laundry bags 

1 - Complete set of toiletries


Camp Overbrook will provide:

1 – Overbrook Camp t- shirt and 1 swim shirt


Laundry and Clothing

  • A specific camper ID number has been assigned to your daughter.
  • Please make sure your daughter marks all of her personal belongings with this number.  As the campers in Camp Overbrook are provided laundry service, this number will ensure that her clothes are returned to her in a timely manner.
  • Laundry will be picked up daily and returned within 2 days.
  • All clothes must be able to be both washed and dried by machine.
  • No tight fitting clothes or shirts bearing the midriff will be accepted.

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